NSL’s technical design consultancy, Project Centre, is an award winning design consultancy passionate about designing well thought out places that serve the needs of the people that use them.

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Playing a key role in the design and implementation of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme and working with local authorities on cycle routes and facilities we understand how best to weave cycle design into the complex transport networks around the UK.

In addition to cycle hire we also design cycle permeability schemes, undertake specialist auditing of routes, CRISP studies, modelling junctions cycle crossing designs and integrated and segregated cycle routes. All with the aim of creating a more effective safer cycling environment, that encourages this sustainable mode of transport.

We're proud to have provided the design expertise behind the Barclays cycle hire scheme in London. A team of 22 designers created 650 sites across London, managing everything from bike and terminal construction to commissioning and testing prior to launch.

Our work with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea was also recognised at the National Transport Awards when the council picked up the award for achievements in cycling.

Public Realm Design

Creating award winning spaces our registered landscape architecture practice work alongside lighting, traffic and parking engineers to create beautiful and effortlessly efficient designs.

Good urban and streetscape design and landscape architecture has a proven link to economic vitality and attractive public spaces add social value by promoting well being.

Our team includes experts in landscape architecture, urban design, town planning, lighting and visualisation. The majority of the team are multi-disciplinary, mixing design expertise with engineering, giving most robust, creative design.

Major projects include Kensington High Street, Exhibition Road, Rye Lane and Greenford Town Centre with smaller schemes including Agdon Street Kensington Memorial Park and Hans Crescent.

Community Engagement

Our designers use creative engagement techniques to listen to communities and stakeholders. We firmly believe in the value of community led design.

Project stakeholders can have a valuable insight into their community and the services they use. By engaging with them and letting them influence outcomes your share ownership, a powerful benefit to any project.

Each year we consult over 280,000 people across a variety of schemes and channels from online surveys, polls, brochure and booklet mail outs, workshops, walkthroughs, one-to-one surveys and social media. In house graphic designers and consultation specialists work together to create engaging campaigns and detailed analysis and feedback to stakeholders.

For more involved project and services we offer media management and communication support and have plenty of experience managing internal and senior decision making stakeholders such as council members, MPs and pressure group representatives.

One of our consultation specialists is currently working with a council to assist them with a communities first engagement approach where local people are deciding how council money is spent and playing a key role in design.


Our team of designers and engineers find creative and innovative ways to provide safe walking routes and pedestrian areas that help rejuvenate streets and places.

Improving the pedestrian experience can increase economic activity and help regenerate areas as well as improving road safety. Our integrated design approach means that our walking schemes address the issues that concern pedestrians which include not just road safety but lighting and reducing their fear of crime.

Our designs to improve the pedestrian environment have made a significant contribution to reducing road accidents as well as making streets more attractive and accessible. Last year, with Southwark Council, Project Centre won the road safety award at the National Transport Awards the walking and public realm award at the London Transport Awards and the Living Streets award at the British Parking Awards for our streetscape improvements to the Walworth Road.

We work on many smaller scale projects including walking and non-motorised user audits, guard rail risk assessments and wayfaring signage to encourage walking.

Road Safety

Our qualified independent safety auditors deliver stage 1, 2 and 3 road safety audits, undertaking over 100 safety audits every year. We also provide accident investigation and prevention studies and design area safety schemes such as 20mph zones.

Our experts rigorous road safety skills have been used to assess existing risk as well as to ensure that any proposed changes to a street will not adversely affect road safety and will minimise accidents and casualties for all road users.

We help clients plan and introduce area wide schemes such as new borough-wide 20 mph zones and motorcycle safety schemes or can help with individual safety assessments for access roads, new junctions and pedestrian crossings. We have undertaken safety schemes in urban and rural locations and have been asked to examine the safety of children on the school run, cyclists in London and pedestrians in busy town centres.

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Traffic & Parking

Combining technical expertise in design with ideas and experience from our traffic and parking enforcement operations means we offer our clients more rounded and well thought through designs.

Qualified and experienced our traffic engineers survey, model, design and manage the building on better junctions, linking streets and area wide traffic calming.

On our award winning design for the Walworth Road project, our integrated design approach resulted in a street layout that replaced two bus lanes with bus gates which allowed us to double the pavement width in a busy shopping centre that was bisected by a major arterial route to London. The finished design has dramatically improved road safety, improved walking and cycling facilities and has not delayed buses.

Our parking design team is one of the country’s largest providing policy development, tariff strategies, zone design, consultation, traffic orders and construction supervision.

In 2012 we provided the core team developing designs for the London Olympic Games local area traffic management and parking plans. This temporary control overlay the existing parking regime across the five Olympic Boroughs and beyond including 11 event venues and more than 60 non-event venues.

Find out more about traffic engineering here and parking here or our projects here.

There was a magnitude of obstacles overcome in a very short time period to make this partnership a great success for an event being watched and judged by the world. Lessons can be learned from this example for future British events.

Judging Panel
National Highways Award - Highway Partnership Award


Skilled engineers working in tandem with experienced project managers provide our clients with creative solutions and properly managed projects.

The key to successful public projects is solid engineering. Our team includes civil engineers, structural engineers, drainage designers, CDM coordinators and contract managers. Throughout the course of a project we work closely with clients, contractors, stakeholders and suppliers to ensure we deliver the successful outcomes needed.

We were lead engineers for the £25m Exhibition Road project in South Kensington that has transformed London's cultural heartland. We helped change this once complex road into a world class streetscape. We produced detailed plans, resolved the complex drainage issues of the innovative single surface, designed bespoke lighting, managed contractors and provided project management support throughout. Only two years old the scheme has already won four awards.

It sets a new standard for urban design and its unique streetscape is the most accessible public space in London.

Councillor Nick Paget-Brown, Deputy Leader of the Counci
Exhibition Road - Civic Trust Award

Transport Planning

We provide comprehensive transport planning, policy development and area strategies for local government, developers and transport service providers.

Our approach is outcome driven to ensure that our clients’ aspirations are fully realised. We achieve this through the close working relationships we value with our clients which guarantees that our delivery teams are well briefed and focussed on meeting the objectives of the scheme or study. Each commission we perform requires detailed analysis and research. We create integrated study teams which can also draw on our expertise in urban design, transport modelling, sustainable travel choices and traffic engineering and design.

With our approach, we have successfully delivered projects as diverse as town centre regeneration, public transport interchange, housing and commercial developments and cycle programmes. Our transport planning experts provide the mixture of skills for innovation, analysis and assessment to provide practical and cost effective solutions.

For further details click on one of the following: transport planning, policy studies, forecasting/modelling, travel planning and transport assessments.

Development Planning

Our expertise and knowledge of local government places us in a great position to help with land acquisitions, site master planning and all aspects of transport planning from strategies and modelling to operational plans.

We can also produce environmental impact assessments and drainage plans. Our aim is always to add value to site design.

Working with both developers and councils gives us insight into both and a balanced view. We have helped developers reduce their s106 contributions by designing more cost effective, network neutral solutions. For councils we have undertaken reviews of developer proposals to ensure that the community benefit.