Creating safe, welcoming environments is vital to allow streets and estates to flourish. We combine patrols, CCTV and design in a streamlined service that promotes better management and benefits to the community.

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Taxi Management

We provide bespoke solutions, designing the facilities and the technology needed to meet the needs of clients how need to manage taxis and private hire vehicles on their estate.

In busy hubs such as airports and hospitals taxis are in high demand. Our expertise in logistics, technology and transport allows us to provide tightly run, efficient and fair taxi services. We cover all aspects of taxi management from inspection and licensing of vehicles to on-site operations involving innovative technology and expert marshalling.

Our operation at Heathrow, for example, includes a feeder park for hundreds of taxis, a payment centre, a control room and the associated tags, readers and variable message signing needed to direct a measured flow of taxis to the right rank outside one of the terminals. Our personnel also enforce the agreed rules regarding journey times and, in the interests of safety, make sure only authorised taxis pick up fares.

NSL provides the technology & staffing expertise
to manage the supply of taxis to meet changing demands

Public Safety

Our street patrols and CCTV teams help give communities peace of mind.

Crime and the fear of crime adversely affects our mood and stifles the footfall that is the lifeblood of every high street.

In many communities we are regarded as a key part of the public safety network and have received commendations for our role in both reactive and planned operations. Mobile foot and vehicle patrols operate in tandem with SIA-accredited CCTV experts for optimum coverage. Working closely with police, local businesses, transport operators and council officers we help residents feel safer and provide the vital evidence needed to secure convictions.

CCTV monitoring includes illegal and anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping, shoplifting and gang activity.

During the London riots of 2012 our CCTV experts were able to identify individual rioters and helped police apprehend the criminals responsible for such widespread damage. Of even greater value to some clients is the work we do in preventative programmes such as trouble spot monitoring, police operations, cash in transit and identification of vulnerable people. Our teams expertise is regularly used to identify missing persons and return them to safety.


We provide a complete, end-to-end parking service, taking a balanced and experienced approach to parking policy, design and operations.

Parking controls form an essential element of street management and provide the framework for safe and effective traffic movement in complex town centre and suburban areas. Focusing on promoting compliance we use technology to allow drivers and clients to manage their streets and estates more efficiently.

In addition to the core parking services such as design, enforcement, removals we offer services from a cost effective back office support team and debt recovery specialists. Our ability to join these services up and offer an end-to-end service delivers a more cohesive and effective service to users and cost savings for clients.

In Westminster, for example, one of London's busiest boroughs, we provide a 24 hour parking service across 22 zones, 35,000 parking spaces and 600 payment machines. It's one of the UK's most complex parking environments.

Forecourt Management

We audit, model, design and manage forecourt areas, places where different modes of transport meet. Experienced and customer friendly teams are supported by well-trained CCTV controllers to ensure safety, security and a welcoming environment.

We can help design efficient forecourts or provide expertise in safety, security and routing. Efficiency starts with design and our team design or rework forecourts using cutting edge modelling techniques to optimise the way space is used by both traffic and pedestrians. We're also experts in public realm design and signing strategies that help people get exactly where they need to be. Our CCTV teams monitor and control access while on-site attendants provide a range of services assisting people, maintaining security, providing first aid support or basic information such as directions.

During the London 2012 Olympics our airport staff were transferred to busy concourses to guide athletes and dignitaries to the right destination. Airport forecourts present a particular challenge. At Heathrow we manage forecourts where passenger from tour coaches embark and disembark. We plan the flow of coaches to avoid congestion, with forecourt staff liaising with tour operators, airport managers, airlines and drivers.


We provide the front line teams that act as community ambassadors and the CCTV expertise to support our teams, the council and police.

There is a proven link between anti-social behaviour and poor environments and for many this means a lack of safe space for a community to meet and mingle.

Our expertise falls into two main areas: street patrols and CCTV. Street patrols act as both deterrent and enforcement issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for littering, fly posting and tipping, idling vehicles and dog fouling. Coupled with innovations such as body cams we have secured 81% payment of FPNs. Our CCTV teams, fixed and mobile, help identify potential issues and act as the control hub for officers on the ground or work with police on planned operations. Diligent and highly trained they have also helped find missing children, identify wanted persons and even undertaken surveys and audits.In one patrolled area we assisted more than 250 arrests, recovered more than £75k of stolen items and helped achieve a 40% reduction in ASB and enviro-crime.

Car Park Management

We design and manage car parks, looking after 31,240 spaces where we provide staff only operations to full facilities management.

Hospitals, airports, shopping centres, housing estates, blue chip companies all need safe and smoothly run car parks. Our car park management operations cover foot patrols, attendants and full facilities/operational management. We also have an experienced design team to help clients plan and build new car parks, give old car parks a new lease of life, improve layouts for greater efficiency or simply devise the right tariff strategy.
400 car parks (31,240 spaces) across the UK