Business Process Management

We have the expertise to deliver robust, cost effective and bespoke business processing services. By combining the latest technology and well trained colleagues, working in data secure environments, our services are efficient and customer friendly.

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Fine & Notice Processing

Providing stand alone or more efficient integrated fine and notice processing our knowledgeable staff work in strictly controlled data environments to deliver effective back office support.

Complex environments need regulation to ensure that they operate effectively. Enforcement is then needed to promote compliance by issuing deterrents or penalties to those who choose not to comply. Processing these notices and fines effectively is an essential part of encouraging the compliance that helps our streets work.

We have developed our fine/notice processing expertise over a decade, working with authorities of all sizes to develop bespoke systems that integrate with existing systems. We are now leading the way in multi-channel operations that provide sleeker, streamlined processing. Our systems are secure, robust and cost efficient. Staff are well trained and we monitor performance closely to ensure the highest levels of customer experience.

We process over two million fines and notices each year for clients across the UK including councils across London, Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and the Transport for London Congestion Charge.

In Oldham we worked with the council to build a completely new integrated service which enabled 24/7 processing, reduced turnaround of documentation from 17 days to 2 days and produced an overall efficiency of 31%.
2m fines processed annually

Payment Processing

Our accredited and vetted staff work in secure environments to process over £200m in payments each year. We collect cash and process payments across various channels including web, mail and telephone. Our data secure and PCI DSS accredited payment centres use specialist software to ensure personal information is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. To guarantee the highest level of security – DBS (CRB) checks and SIA accreditation are required for key roles – all personnel are vetted by our identity authentication specialists in our Validation Solutions team.

£200m in online, telephone and postal payments processed each year.

CCTV Monitoring

Highly trained CCTV operators work in partnership with our clients and the police to maintain safe environment and public safety. In many communities CCTV monitoring forms a vital part of the public safety network. Working with police, local businesses, service providers and councils our teams help residents and employees feel safer and provide the vital evidence needed to secure convictions. All our CCTV operators are SIA-accredited and BTEC qualified. They attend our own advanced CCTV training and operate within a secure data environment. We have our own specialist CCTV training team and programmes cover monitoring illegal and anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping, shoplifting and gang activity. During the London riots of 2012 our CCTV experts were able to identify individual rioters and helped police apprehend those responsible for widespread damage. Of even greater value is our preventative programmes such as trouble spot monitoring, police operations, cash in transit, and identification of vulnerable people. Our teams' expertise is regularly used to identify missing persons and return them to safety.

Call Centres

Well trained, multi-skilled operators in UK regional call centres provide cost-effective 24/7 support, including bookings, payments, checking eligibility and providing information.

Many people still find a telephone call the quickest and easiest way to resolve something, whether it is booking patient transport, paying a fixed penalty notice or enquiring about a service. As the push back against off-shore call centres has shown, knowledgeable teams and quality of service are vital.

We handle 650,000 calls a year, tailoring teams and processes to the precise needs of our clients.

In Oldham we have a shared service centre that optimises efficiency with a flexible workforce handling a range of our clients' contracts. Our bespoke processes and robust information management system ensure each call is handled effectively, while our flexibility allows us to handle peaks in demand.
650k calls handled per year

Licensed Vehicle Management

Providing both the infrastructure and teams to undertake thorough licensed vehicle inspections and management we help our clients check all vehicles used by the public are fit for purpose.

Our expertise in both licensed vehicle inspections and back office support enables us to provide a full range of services from operator licensing, DVLA checks, vehicle safety checks, driver authentication, meter tests, replacement badges and plates.

We create bespoke solutions that meet each client's needs, combining the ideas of our experts with experience to create processes, software and hardware solutions.

In London we manage the inspections of over 85,000 taxis and private hire vehicles. Part of this service includes online account management for operators, electronic booking systems and a streamlined back office permit centre to issue licenses.

Identity Authentication

Our identity authentication and vetting team, Validation Solutions, provides an independent checking service that uses advanced technology to reduce the risk of recruiters employing someone with forged documents.

Working with both government and the private sector we understand the issues faced by employers recruiting staff where fraud is commonplace.

Proven in trials at UK border stations, major UK retailers and consultants our validation solutions identity authentication service uses an extensive database of international identity and travel documents to detect forgeries. This gives our clients the confidence of a 3rd party check, a comprehensive audit trail and a statutory excuse.

We are also aware of increasing issues with access to services with those not eligible putting pressure on the limited funding reducing the support available at its point of most need. Our Validation Solutions can help protect your services from those who try to access them without meeting your eligibility criteria.

Licensing & Permitting

We provide our clients with the ability to outsource the entire permitting process from initial applications through to enforcement.

Permits and licensing are used in regulated environments to show that certain criteria have been met. The process involves application, assessment, issue and usually a form of checking or enforcement.

Using innovative technology and ideas from across many sectors we process applications submitted via various channels. Our teams then apply eligibility criteria and assessment workflows, process payments and issue permits.

Service complexity varies from parking permit processing to the complex planning permissions where we work closely with local authorities, assisting them with applications for new developments, and making sure regulations are complied with.

Correspondence Management

Our business processing experts help our clients deal with the correspondence generated by regulated processes, such as applications and assessments, fine challenges, freedom of information requests and licensing/permitting.

Dealing with enquiries and complaints can be time consuming and requires knowledge and training to process accurately. Working in secure data centres we use both bespoke and client systems to direct correspondence workflows.
1000 challenges processed daily