Local Government

We deliver a broad range of outsourced services to over 60 local authorities across the UK, including business process management; enforcement; passenger/social transport; street management and technical design services. Our services are shaped to meet client needs, so we work hard to understand and anticipate these needs, and then work collaboratively to find better ways of doing things.

In this section:


Our proven people expertise, combined with the application of leading technology solutions, enables us to provide unique and trusted enforcement services to local authorities.

With over 4,500 people dedicated to enforcement services, we are the largest service provider in the UK. Our enforcement expertise includes environmental; parking; licensing and moving traffic offences.

We  provide an end to end service to many clients, which in parking, where we are the market leader,  includes the production of parking strategies and design services through our design consultancy, Project Centre; a broad range of enforcement activity (including ANPR, moving traffic, clamping and removals); customer support services; fine processing through to debt recovery services.

The end to end service provision uniquely positions us to integrate delivery to reduce costs, while improving customer service.

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Street & Estate Management

Our  expertise lies in creating safe, welcoming environments vital to allow streets,  estates and any public space to flourish.

We have the capability to design great public places that are attractive and functional, using or award winning public realm design consultancy, Project Centre.

Our highly trained people actively manage the streets and estates, where we aim to provide the complete integrated service by managing all kerbside activities (such as parking, loading, forecourts and taxi management) and by keeping them clean and safe through environmental crime monitoring and enforcement; managing street assets and CCTV..

Our integrated service approach, means we have the business management capability to support our activities, by managing permitting, licensing, user validation, fine processing, correspondence management, payments etc.

At NSL we understand how to successfully manage services in these regulated environments. So, whatever the service you want delivered, if it’s in a public street, private estate or any public space, we have the ideas and expertise to develop the right service for you and your customers.

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Business Process Management

With local government funding reducing, retaining in-house back office operations does not always deliver the economies of scale or the flexibility needed to respond the fast pace of change.

At NSL, we have created scaled operations, by establishing shared service centres, so our clients don’t need to invest but can access the benefits. But, if local delivery is important, we work with you to tailor our services to your needs. We bring our IT solutions and people management systems to you, whilst ensuring you also benefit from the ideas and expertise of our whole business.  .

We  offer a full range of data secure business process management support services. This includes:
• regulated processes (fines, payments, appeals, eligibility checking, permitting and licenses),
• customer management (i.e., call handling, correspondence handling),
• operational support (i.e, property management,  fleet management) and
• staff management (HR, training, placements and identity checking).

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Technical Design Consultancy

NSL’s technical design consultancy, Project Centre,  provides creative, industry leading street design:  our designs continue to win awards and delight the communities that benefit.

We have worked in partnership with councils for over two decades and gained considerable expertise and insight into the complex challenges faced in delivering successful streets and other public places. Our design professionals and engineers support councils on one-off projects and through  term contracts or frameworks on schemes ranging from cycle  audits and pocket parks to the traffic and parking  arrangements for the London 2012 Games, design and installation of London’s Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations and the £25m Exhibition Road streetscape project.

Creative and sustainable our expertise includes: community engagement, cycle and walking scheme design, development planning, landscape and public realm design, road safety, traffic and parking engineering, and transport planning.

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Passenger Transport

We provide social and community transport specialising in the safe and effective transport of vulnerable people.

Transporting vulnerable people such as children or the elderly requires well trained drivers and assistants, the right vehicles and a support team to manage logistics. NSL manages over 8 million passenger journeys a year taking bookings, checking eligibility, planning journeys and transporting passenger safely to their destination.

NSL is committed to developing this service further for our local government clients and we have the ideas, expertise and infrastructure to provide social transport for vulnerable people, staff transfers, coaching and licensed vehicle inspection (taxis, private hire and other public service vehicles).


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Identity Authentication

Our identity authentication and vetting team, Validation Solutions,  uses advanced technology to confirm an individual’s identity through validating any documentation across the globe,  reducing your risk and protecting your reputation.

Working with both government and the private sector our validation services have numerous applications. For instance, we help assure  employers recruiting staff of a person’s identity and right to work, or confirm a person’s identity claiming access to public services or benefits, such as housing benefit. This not only protects your reputation but ensures public funds are  spent on those who are  eligible for assistance only.



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