We support large international organisations and local businesses with expertise in business process management; enforcement; passenger/social transport; street management and technical design services. Our services are shaped to meet client needs, so we work hard to understand and anticipate these needs, and then work collaboratively to find better ways of doing things.

In this section:

Business Process Management

We are ideal partner for those seeking to outsource business processes or supply them to clients. Our expertise, flexibility and cost effective management allows us to create great value.

We understand the commercial pressures on organisations and the need to deliver our clients more for less. For those looking to outsource this means a partner who can create bespoke solutions and then deliver them efficiently and securely. Primary contractors need partners they can work with to meet their clients’ needs in the most cost effective way.

Our services include regulated processes (fines, payments, appeals, eligibility checking and licenses), operational support (call and correspondence handling and fleet logistics) and staff management (training, placements and secure vetting).


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Technical Design Consultancy

NSL’s technical design consultancy offers creative, industry leading design. Well thought out, community led and balanced, our designs continue to win awards and delight the communities that benefit.

We have worked in partnership with councils, hospitals, airports and government for over two decades and gained considerable expertise and insight into the complex challenges faced in delivering successful urban design, civil engineering and transportation schemes.

Our design professionals and engineers support councils on one-off projects and through numerous frameworks on scales ranging from crossing audits and pocket parks to the transport arrangements for the London 2012 Games, Barclays Cycle Hire and the £25m Exhibition Road streetscape project.

Creative and sustainable our expertise includes: community engagement, cycling, development planning, landscape and public ream design, road safety, traffic and parking, transport planning and walking.



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“There was a magnitude of obstacles overcome in a very short time period to make this partnership a great success for an event being watched and judged by the world. Lessons can be learned from this example for future British events.”

Judging Panel
Highways Magazine Excellence Awards "Highway Partnership Award" for London 2012


Experts in outsourced service in public regulated environments and the UK’s leading enforcement partner we are the natural choice for organisations looking to enhance services to their clients.

We understand that enforcement is changing with services becoming broader to incorporate numerous frontline roles and generate savings.

As leaders in the industry we are expert in developing and deploying bespoke solutions for clients. Our skills in blue collar workforce management, technology development and joining up services gives greater customer satisfaction and savings for you and your clients.

Our enforcement services include: debt recovery, environmental, anti-social behaviour, licensing, moving traffic and parking management.


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Street & Estate Management

Creating safer streets and welcoming estates we combine expertise in enforcement, safety and customer liaison to create bespoke management solutions.

Outsourced facilities management tends to focus on internal activities with security and cleaning the main external activities offered. We specialise in the management of external estates with considerable expertise in traffic control, car parks, environment and asset management, public safety/CCTV and customer liaison/experience ambassadors we can provide a more complete service for you or your clients.


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Passenger Transport

Every year our transport operations successfully deliver over 8 million passengers to their destinations safely and efficiently.

We have top of the range fleet, technology led logistics and planning and over 250 bases across the UK. This enables us to deploy bespoke passenger transport services for a variety of clients and partners.

Services we offer include: social transport for vulnerable people, staff transfers, coaching and licensed vehicle inspection (taxis, private hire and other public service vehicles) and patient transport.


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Identity Authentication

Our specialist team has exclusive access to world leading technology and the expertise to successfully detect identity fraud, reducing your risk by providing robust vetting and audit evidence.

Working with both government and the private sector we understand the issues faced by employers recruiting staff where fraud is commonplace. We are also aware of increasing issues with access to services with those not eligible putting pressure on the limited funding reducing the support available at its point of most need.

Proven in trials at UK border stations and major UK retailers and consultants our validation solutions identity authentication service uses an extensive database of international identity and travel documents to detect forgeries. This gives our clients the confidence of a 3rd party check, a comprehensive audit trail and a statutory excuse.

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