Central & Regional Government

We deliver a broad range of services to central and regional government working with The Royal Parks, DVLA, Transport for London and Transport Northern Ireland to provide business process management; enforcement; passenger/social transport; street management and technical design services. Our services are shaped to meet client needs, so we work hard to understand and anticipate these needs, and then work collaboratively to find better ways of doing things.

In this section:

Business Process Management

We are experts in crafting bespoke business processing packages to meet the needs of government while ensuring cost effectiveness and information security. Our size allows to flexibly deploy our expertise and ideas to best suit the changing needs of government.

We understand that government needs to provide a responsive service as cost effectively as possible. We also know that the security of data and information is paramount. We are a UK based SME which makes us flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of your service. We are accredited to ISO9001 and 14000, have a robust data security framework, with a dedicated risk and change management team.

Our expertise includes a full range of business process management support services: regulated processes (fines, payments, appeals, eligibility checking and licenses), operational support (call and correspondence handling and fleet logistics) and staff management (training, placements and secure vetting).


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Street & Estate Management

Our combined forecourt ambassadors, point of entry personnel and CCTV controllers create safe, regulated environments to protect you, your staff and customers.

While outsourced facilities management tends to focus on internal activities and predominantly security and cleaning we specialise in the management of external area(estates).

We provide expertise in car parks, forecourts, asset and environment management, public safety, traffic control and marshalling with ideas that help you manage your external estates.


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Technical Design Consultancy

NSL’s technical design consultancy offers creative, industry leading design with a proven expertise in delivering significant national projects.

We understand that for major projects you need to combine innovative design solutions with first class project management and engineering.

Our consultancy’s specialist skills allow government and its partners to tap into considerable added value, recognised in the award of major projects such as the London 2012 venue transport plans and Barclays Cycle Hire, and the recent awards for our approach to partnership and supply chain management.

Creative and sustainable our expertise includes: community engagement, cycling, development planning, landscape and public ream design, road safety, traffic and parking, transport planning and walking.



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We are the UK’s largest enforcement partner. We use our expertise and ideas to shape services that deliver cost savings and successful outcomes.

We understand the issues faced by government when deploying regional, national and strategic enforcement programmes. We provide national vehicle excise duty enforcement for the DVLA and parking enforcement across Northern Ireland. As a UK SME, recognised as the leader in our industry, our expertise is also used by multinationals to support their government enforcement services such as the London congestion charge and the Dartford tunnel freeflow tolling scheme.

Service we can provide include: debt and fraud management, congestion and tolling, licensing, parking and crime/envirocrime/antisocial behaviour enforcement.




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Passenger Transport

We already posses the skills, expertise and infrastructure to deliver passenger transport solutions to government.

Our ability to call upon existing experience in patient transport, social/vulnerable person, coaching, airside plus supporting skills in fleet and logistics means we are well placed to support government passengert transport services. We have 250 bases across the UK, transport 8 million people a year and can draw in complimentary services such as business process management, licensed vehicle inspection, transport planning and consultancy to provide new services such as secure/prisoner and educational transport.


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Identity Authentication

Our specialist team has exclusive access to world leading technology and the expertise to successfully detect identity fraud, reducing your risk by providing robust vetting and audit evidence.

Austerity has already put pressure on services and immigration frequently in the news. Border security and access to services by those who not eligible need new, cost effective solutions.

Proven in trials at UK border stations and major UK retailers and consultants our validation solutions identity authentication service uses an extensive database of international identity and travel documents to detect forgeries. This gives our clients the confidence of a 3rd party check, a comprehensive audit trail and a statutory excuse.


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