We work with Heathrow, Gatwick and 50+ airlines including British Airways and Virgin Airlines. We have experience providing landside transport support including an inter-terminal bus service, off-pier transport, taxi management and forecourt services. We have also worked with other international airport creating strategies and designs to make airport operate more effectively, improving passenger experiences.

In this section:

Passenger Transport

We provide cost effective passenger transport, using our ideas and expertise to ensure positive passenger experiences.

Understanding that passengers’ impressions of your airport start before they arrive at the terminal all aspects of a passengers journey should be safe, efficient and welcoming. This means taxi journeys, tour coaches, private vehicles and airside transfers are important.

We have experience providing both landside and airside support to airports airlines. Expertise includes inter-terminal bus services, reactive off-pier transport, tour bus logistics and terminal forecourt management and taxi management services.


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Street & Estate Management

Airport security is paramount. We are experienced in careful management through foot patrols, passenger ambassadors and CCTV operations.

We understand the need to provide balanced management and security across the entire airport while still providing passengers with a welcoming environment.

Integrating with other airport services we  have a proven track record of cost-effective scheduled inter-terminal coaching, reactive off-pier transport, tour bus logistics and terminal forecourt management along with comprehensive taxi management operations.

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Business Process Management

Our business processing teams work in data secure environments managing online, telephone and paper based workflows.

Airports have to process information quickly, accurately and often incorporate unforeseen events into everyday operations while still meeting important operational performance indicators.

Working from business support centres across the UK we offer a variety of services with the flexibility to meet changes in demand and innovate to provide a slicker experience for customers.

NSL offers a full range of data secure business process management support services. This includes regulated processes (fines, payments, appeals, eligibility checking and licenses), operational support (call and correspondence handling and fleet logistics) and staff management (training, placements and identity checking).


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Technical Design Consultancy

NSL’s technical design consultancy, Project Centre, works with airports in Europe, the Middle East and China to design new spaces, optimise movement and transport arrangements and develop long-term management strategies.

We understand that airports are complex with space at a premium. We know that you need innovative and well thought out designs to make the most effective use of space and improve passenger experience.

Creative and sustainable our expertise includes: passenger engagement, cycling, development planning, landscape and public ream design, road safety, traffic and parking, transport planning and walking.


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Our teams have the expertise to provide the planned and reactive enforcement needed to ensure the effectiveness of key landside areas such as distributor roads, parking and forecourt areas.

We understand the need to balance the competing need of users while ensuring compliance with the law and CAA regulations.

As the UK largest parking enforcement partner we have the expertise to effectively manage and large blue collar workforces and leverage ideas and technology to reduce costs, while improving customer service.

We offer all forms of enforcement including: parking, environmental, licensing and moving traffic. Our end-top-end service includes upfront design consultancy, back office support and debt recovery.


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Identity Authentication

Our specialist team has exclusive access to world leading technology and the expertise to successfully detect identity fraud, reducing your risk by providing robust vetting and audit evidence.

Austerity has already put pressure on services and immigration frequently in the news. Border security and access to services by those who not eligible need new, cost effective solutions.

Proven in trials at UK border stations and major UK retailers and consultants our validation solutions identity authentication service uses an extensive database of international identity and travel documents to detect forgeries. Our point of entry solutions perform 40+ checks in seconds, validating documents quickly and highlighting those worthy of further investigation.

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