In our aim to become the leading transportation and enforcement services Group, we have an ongoing commitment to ethics and professionalism that makes a valuable contribution to shaping our industry. As an employer, we’re committed to promoting diversity and gender equality. We offer all our people the same growth and development opportunities within a positive, open and inclusive environment.

Our approach to pay is gender neutral by design, notwithstanding our rapid expansion through acquisitions. Our analysis shows that our gender pay gap is a result of the structure of our workforce and the historic implications of company integration.

We know there’s ongoing work to do to close the gender pay gap. As a first step, we are committed to developing a deeper understanding of the reasons why we have a gender pay gap, and where appropriate, defining and implementing appropriate actions to help us make positive changes.

Since we reported our gender pay gap in 2018, we have made good progress in developing the systems and processes to assist us in closing our gender pay gap. This has included a new Group HR and Recruitment system which is supporting us in capturing the data and trends that will allow us to make appropriate strategic and tactical decisions relating to gender pay and diversity.

In reviewing the statutory data, it should be noted that there has been significant internal staff movement across the Group, which makes year on year comparisons complex. That said, we continue to work towards addressing any underlying trends.


The pay gap calculation is the difference between male and female pay, expressed as a percentage of male pay.

Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile (NSL)
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Richard Shearer
Group Chief Financial Officer