Coronavirus response – how we’re helping

Marston is proud of the efforts of our staff and contractors to support the response to the coronavirus crisis.

Our staff and contractors are having a positive impact on the lives of people up and down the country, on a daily basis.

The importance of helping other people has never been clearer, and we are fortunate that so many of people that work on behalf of Marston have been willing and able to roll up their sleeves and to make a difference.

It is not possible to list every instance of kindness and compassion being offered each day, but here are just some of the ways that our staff and contractors are providing support where it is most needed, and the difference it is making.

Trafford & Tameside

NSL staff have been helping to move food and Personal Protective Equipment to vulnerable people and care homes. A client emailed to say “It really is appreciated how they’ve reacted quickly and with the minimum of fuss to such changing circumstances. I hope you’ll pass on my thanks and appreciation and also that of the social care department and public health.”

Steve Clinton, who helped make these deliveries, said “I felt appreciated, and it was a great use of our resources and the people we delivered to were very appreciative. One nursing home cheered at the delivery of the PPE.” He added “It was a really good thing to do and shows us in a positive light.”

Adam Whitehead – North East region

Individuals are also finding ways to help in their own communities.

Enforcement Agent Adam Whitehead is helping elderly residents in his community with their shopping.


Manchester NSL team members are using four vans to deliver up to 100 parcels of food to vulnerable families and people in need across the Manchester City Council area.

Deliveries are being made from Monday to Saturday each week, with careful route planning to ensure safe and efficient delivery of goods.

Deliveries will continue until existing restrictions on movement are lifted.

The Council has been so pleased that they’ve asked for extra vans, which the team is now working to provide.

Client Account Manager Andy White said: “This is a fantastic team effort making a real difference to hundreds of households each week.”

Anthony Hughes – North West region

Enforcement Agent Anthony Hughes is helping elderly members of his community by making daily meals for them, as well as volunteering for the NHS, which he says “keeps me busy until work resumes.”

Special deliveries from the Easter Bunny!

NSL staff in the Wirral office support a local food bank distribution centre throughout the year.

This month, they have been working hard to support the Easter Bunny in getting chocolate (usually designated as a luxury item by the food bank) to people that might not receive it otherwise.

Local Government Account Director James Fraser said “This has been part of a fantastic year-round contribution by staff working on the Wirral contract. There are only 18 colleagues there, but every month they collect and deliver a fantastic amount for the local food bank.”