Traffic Attendants to the Rescue

A robber who stole money from a delivery van in Armagh last week was caught and sentenced to a five month prison sentence – thanks to the quick reactions of two NSL traffic attendants. The man stole the money from inside the front of a DPD vehicle on Thomas Street, on Thursday 9 October 2014, when the driver of the van approached Senior Traffic Attendant, Cahill Toner, and Traffic Attendant Jo Spence.

Cahill was able to follow the suspect on foot. He was on the phone to police when he caught up with the suspect and asked him to stand to one side. Realising he had been caught the man waited with the TAs for the arrival of the police, who then arrested and questioned him. The man was kept in custody overnight and appeared before the courts the following morning where he was given a five months prison sentence.

Manager, Veronica Noble, said: “Thanks to the TAs willingness to act and their quick responses, the police were able to apprehend the man to stop him from going on to do the same to someone else. Hardly a day goes by throughout Northern Ireland when one of our TAs doesn’t do a good deed somewhere, but which the public never gets to hear of. Yet members of the public often tell us how reassuring the presence of our TAs can be out on the street – in addition to keeping parking safe and fair for all.”



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