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From gov.uk to gov.co.uk?

Tweet NSL’s Graham Williams says bold revenue initiatives can help plug councils’ funding gap Published in the LGC Chronicle: http://www.lgcplus.com/politics-and-policy/service-reform/from-govuk-to-govcouk/7003700.article?blocktitle=From-our-partners&contentID=20636 Finding new ways of improving efficiencies, introducing new working practices and driving up service standards have all helped to protect...

No need to step backward to move forward

Tweet Barry Hopley, Head of Development and Resourcing at NSL, argues there is a real need to effectively define apprenticeships now, to suit the skills and training programmes already in place and avoid the system being open to abuse. The...
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Aesthetics and emotions – a new game plan for regeneration

Tweet Sam Neal, Project Director (Major Projects and Regeneration) at Project Centre Limited (PCL) says it’s time for urban regeneration to match emotion with function. Highlighting the outstanding results of a major project in the capital, she discusses how vision,...