Other Thoughts - 2016

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Blue badge fraud: fairer access for all

Tweet Personal independence is important for so many reasons and the UK’s blue badge schemes helps those with disabilities access amenities and services with greater ease. However, it is greatly abused. Denise Payne explains why this is bad for disabled...
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It’s time to enhance the services that frontline workers offer

Tweet NSL’s Commercial Director, Graham Williams, says new forms of commissioning and greater citizen insight are helping to create a more agile, responsive and sustainable way of delivering local services, but what about the frontline? Given the persistent pressure on budgets,...
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From gov.uk to gov.co.uk?

Tweet NSL’s Graham Williams says bold revenue initiatives can help plug councils’ funding gap Published in the LGC Chronicle: http://www.lgcplus.com/politics-and-policy/service-reform/from-govuk-to-govcouk/7003700.article?blocktitle=From-our-partners&contentID=20636 Finding new ways of improving efficiencies, introducing new working practices and driving up service standards have all helped to protect...