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Have we lost sight of what the Spare Room Subsidy was actually for?

Tweet Chris Berry, NSL’s Account Director for Revenues and Benefits, highlights how a good scheme in principle, without the right definitions, can cost councils and the government millions. The Spare Room subsidy or ‘Bedroom Tax’ has been in the news...
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Fundamental change will come from place-shaping

Tweet After tumultuous changes inside the main political parties and a multitude of cabinet appointments, local government finds itself with a new communities secretary. Whether you were a supporter of Greg Clark or not, the progress towards devolution that he...
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New forms of commissioning can focus on the real needs of the community

NSL's Glen Manley, Associate Director of Local Government, discusses how greater insight is fuelling a new approach for commissioning that's focused on the real needs and priorities of local communities and how local frontline resources can help manage demand and deliver local outcomes.