Other Thoughts - 2017

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We need more than crossed fingers for 20mph zones

Tweet As more and more urban authorities consider the merits of increasing the number of 20mph zones in their areas to improve road safety, NSL’s Barry Francis calls on the new government to take decisive action to ensure such positive...

Levy is a catalyst for choice and opportunity

Tweet The new apprenticeship levy is presenting a much more dynamic and responsive approach to vocational training and skills development in local authorities, writes Jason Stevens. Some local authorities have pounced on the opportunity to extend their internal training capabilities....
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Relationships not robots

Tweet Jason Comer, Head of Marketing and Account Development at NSL says the allure of efficiency savings from Artificial Intelligence (AI) should not cloud judgement on the wider impact of technology on society. He urges service providers to harness new...

Time for the sector to embrace apprenticeships

Jason Stevens, programme director of the NSL Academy, highlights how the new Apprenticeship Levy offers local authorities the opportunity for re-engaging more experienced staff