Other Thoughts - 2016

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Grabbing the opportunities of change

Tweet Glen Manley, Associate Director Local Government, NSL Change is inevitable. Nothing in life stands still. Change is just something we have to live with and take in our stride as we move through our personal and business lives. But...

The right balance: self-serve and frontline

Tweet Luke Allen, Director of Communications, NSL Few organisations have had to grapple with the multitude of challenges that local government has faced over the past decade. From austerity and devolution to outsourcing and channel shift, the operational and financial...
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Have we lost sight of what the Spare Room Subsidy was actually for?

Tweet Chris Berry, NSL’s Account Director for Revenues and Benefits, highlights how a good scheme in principle, without the right definitions, can cost councils and the government millions. The Spare Room subsidy or ‘Bedroom Tax’ has been in the news...