Task helps take another gun off the street

Not many would cheer at the sound of a bailiff, yet helping to take firearms out of illegal circulation is sometimes all part of the job in Hendon.

Task, part of the NSL group, collects unpaid parking fines on behalf of local authorities across the UK. Two of the agency’s bailiffs visited the Hendon home of a debtor, on behalf of Wandsworth Council. Finding the debtor absent, they were able to speak to him on the phone, when he told the bailiffs that he had no intention of paying.

The bailiffs then carried out a legal search of the property in an attempt to recover saleable items that would cover the debt owed to the local authority. It was during this search that they discovered a dangerous loaded CS gun – classed as an illegal firearm.

Colindale police were called to the scene, and shortly after the debtor returned to the property to challenge the bailiffs – unaware that his gun had been found – with officers on hand to arrest him. The debtor was then forced to open a safe he kept at his home, where police discovered CS gas canisters.

Dave Freeman, Task’s Operations Director, said: “It really is quite scary just what one can find on these visits; but I’m really pleased that we played our part in taking another illegal gun out of circulation.”

DC Mark Wand of Colindale CID said: “This was an unusual weapon and to even to an experienced firearms officer would look real and alarming – we are glad that in is now in the custody of the police.

“Task’s professional and swift response to this potentially dangerous incident meant we were able to quickly secure the weapon and arrest a suspect. This is a fine example of how a multi-agency approach to tackling crime can work.”

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Notes to Editors:

• Task is part of the NSL Services Group, which employs more than 4,500 people and has over 100 offices throughout the UK. NSL provides tailored solutions for the following markets:

o Enforcement – on and off-street enforcement services; NSL is the UK’s biggest employer of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs), Parking Attendants, and Traffic Attendants. NSL manages over 500 car-parks and delivers effective traffic management enforcement services for most of the UK’s major cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, and London – where NSL works in partnership with 18 Boroughs.

o Patient and Passenger Transport –non-emergency and specialist NHS patient transport services. Passenger transport services across Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

o Business Processing – identity validation solutions, and back office operations, including Shared Service Centres in Croydon, Coventry and Oldham for Transport for London (TfL), Local Government and the NHS.

o Consultancy – NSL provides a wide range of consultancy services, including parking design, traffic modelling, urban design and road safety engineering.

• NSL is an Investor in People Champion, and was awarded an Investor in People GOLD Award, joining the top 2% of UK organisations to have achieved the prestigious standard, which is given only to organisations who can demonstrate excellence in developing and supporting their staff.