Succession of New Contracts Confirms NSL’s Local Government Expertise – Rapid Response to Local Authority Economic Challenges

NSL confirms its expertise in the provision of local government services with a string of new contract awards.

A seven year contract to undertake parking enforcement and associated services for Warrington Borough Council, which goes live this week (21 July), comes sharply on the heels of a win for Warwickshire County Council, where a ‘bundled’ service contract will realise at least £500,000 savings for the county; earlier in the year Nottinghamshire County Council, City of Edinburgh Council, Lancashire County Council, and Westminster City Council all re-appointed NSL. Lancashire and Westminster (WCC), the latter being the UK’s largest parking authority, chose to do so for the third time.

WCC has introduced a new approach to parking enforcement, replacing Civil Enforcement Officers with Street Marshals, who have a choice of sporting yellow, grey, or navy polo-shirts, with a trendier, friendlier cap as part of a move to a more assistive approach.

NSL’s new contract wins and the company’s clear strength in retaining existing clients cement the company’s clear market leading position as the UK’s biggest and most successful provider of civil enforcement services, which include sixteen London boroughs, the entire province of Northern Ireland, major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, and numerous other authorities stretching down to the south coast as far as Brighton and Hove.

As well as parking and associated services, NSL’s services include enviro-crime enforcement; dog-fouling and littering, and detection of Blue Badge fraud – the badges are issued to motorists with a disability.

In Warrington, where around £80,000 a year for each of the contract’s seven year term is set to be saved, the service will feature cashless parking, electronic parking permits, and parking apps.

NSL has rapidly responded to the economic challenges faced by local authorities, and created bundled services, like the deal struck with Warwickshire County Council, which goes live in November. Such contracts, which in Warwickshire’s case cover four Warwickshire districts, herald the new norm when it comes to saving taxpayer money. The contract also leaves the door open for Solihull and Coventry councils to buy in at a later date and benefit from economies of scale, potentially reducing their own parking costs.

Money is saved without compromising on the primary objective to keep Britain’s increasingly busier roads safer and more free-flowing, whilst maximising parking fairness and consistency.

Councillor Peter Butlin, Warwickshire County Council’s portfolio holder for transport and planning, said:  “We have been faced with carrying out as many of our services as possible with a smaller budget.  I am pleased to award this contract to NSL Ltd as it enables us to continue a service that the public wants whilst making savings.  The money we save will be put back into the highways budget to allow us to repair roads, improve signage, and add safety measures.”

Some of the significant savings made for local authorities reside in back office processing. In Warwickshire, for instance, the previous arrangement of having three back-office facilities for separate districts, will become just one as it moves to NSL’s flagship Shared Service Centre in Oldham.

NSL’s Local Government sector is headed by Mark Hoskin, who was appointed the role from his previous position as Chief Operations Director, and previously worked for Mouchel. NSL’s local government arm sits alongside its Health sector, which provides patient transport services, and its Central Government sector, the major work of which is in undertaking vehicle excise duty enforcement for DVLA.

The firm’s growth, which comes in an ever competitive government services market, has been presided over by Chief Executive Mark Underwood, who draws on an extensive career in international government service provision.

Graham Williams, NSL’s long-standing Commercial Director, said: “More and more councils recognise that NSL is able to use its market leading expertise to bring ideas that are tailored to individual Councils, but while also saving precious tax pounds by taking advantage of bundled services. Ideas and innovation play a vital role in maintaining NSL’s success. Most of our innovation comes from within the business whilst we’re very successful at making our clients’ great ideas a reality too; we have an atmosphere that is hungry for new ideas, which lead to new ways of doing things – not just more efficiently through a focus on the all important channel shift – getting citizens to self-serve online, but with the focus on service quality for Warrington Borough Council we look forward to introducing digital channels to make parking services more accessible. Our enviro-crime services will help the Council to protect the local environment and keep streets more pleasant and safer, which we have a record of providing in other boroughs, whilst we’ll proactively take action against blue badge fraudsters who deprive disabled motorists of independence, and safe places to park, which has been so highly publicised recently.”

Councillor Linda Dirir, Executive Board Member for Highways, Transportation and Climate Change, for Warrington Borough Council said: “NSL is a progressive and forward thinking provider and has a proven track record of providing additional environmental enforcement services (such as dog fouling and littering) to local authorities through the use of body-cameras.

“To actively prevent the misuse and abuse of blue badges, civil enforcement officers will also be trained to identify and enforce their fraudulent use which may result in the seizure of blue badges and a fine being issued. We are also looking forward to working with them on the introduction of new parking tools, set out in the parking strategy for Warrington.”


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Notes to Editors:

NSL is a leading UK company specialising in the delivery and management of frontline services in complex public sector and regulated environments. Our core services include business process management; enforcement; passenger and social transport; street management and technical design services. We currently have over 70 contracts with local, regional and central government, as well as with the airport and the private sector, and have delivered contracts for high-profile government agencies, such as The Royal Parks, DVLA, Transport for London and Transport Northern Ireland.