Strong first quarter growth sees NSL launch new service

NSL has launched a new service line called People Dimensions, built on a successful and established in-house service.

Meirion Gravell, Exec Director HR & Communications, said, ‘We know that one of the biggest challenges still faced by our customers today is how they attract, retain and engage their people. The public sector has been decimated by job losses, services cuts and changes in service delivery models – but as the sector has stabilised, so has the need to recruit the right sort of candidate. Currently the average recruit time for the public sector is 40 days – this represents a large amount of work and a significant cost for any organisation.

‘At NSL, our average time to offer is only 14 days, offering customers huge cost and resource savings. This coupled with our ability to train, onboard, induct and engage colleagues, then further develop them as managers; we believe this can offer some real savings and additional value to existing and new customers. Last year alone we recruited, trained and supported over 1,000 new employees and awarded over 1,800 qualifications pertinent to their roles.’

This new service line builds on a year of growth. Adam Palser, Chief Executive of NSL, said, ‘It has been a strong start to 2016 with wins, extensions and growth within existing contracts topping £90m in sales so far this year. We continue to strengthen existing relationships, and forge new partnerships in local government, central government and the private sector and have earned the right to deliver more services and more value to our customers. But at the heart of this business are our staff. We are a people business and are all rightly proud of how we engage and support our colleagues.’

Michael Jasper, Business Development Manager for People Dimensions, commented, ‘This service line is designed to support clients in getting the right people, in the right places, doing the right things, all for the right cost. People Dimensions has already helped some of NSL’s existing customers and offers:

• Understanding of client needs to source, train & engage their workforce.

• Development of client supervisory and management populations to grow and lead their people to excel.

• Support for clients with organisational insight into how they can drive more value from what they do.’

If you would like to know about People Dimensions please contact Michael on 07557 499163 or


For further information, please contact Luke Allen, Director of Communications, 07468 701361, or

Notes to Editors:

NSL is one of the UK’s outsource market leaders in high value and highly regulated service areas. We deliver cutting-edge, end-to-end service solutions that help to ensure operational efficiencies are achieved in tandem with outstanding customer experiences. We are committed to combining excellence in frontline service delivery with the power and benefits of new technologies to maximise customer outcomes, optimise service standards and drive improved revenue and surplus returns. Our core services include business process management; enforcement; street management and technical design services, and we work with local, regional and central government, as well as private sector organisations including airports and high street retailers.