We are the UK's largest enforcement partner and work with councils, government and the private sector. Using ideas and new technology from across our services and the expertise of our workforce we help manage compliance and the safe operation of regulated environments.

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    Parking Management

    We are the UK’s parking experts and offer the most complete end-to-end parking enforcement service available. Well trained frontline colleagues, parking professionals and the latest technology enable us to shape the entire parking environment, balancing the needs of all users and maximising compliance.Over 4,000 colleagues from 250+ bases work with over 60 councils across the country including Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Birmingham, Somerset and many boroughs within London. In Westminster, one of London's busiest boroughs, we provide a 24-hour parking service across 22 zones and 35,000 parking spaces. In Northern Ireland we provide enforcement across the entire province including 367 off-street car parks (over 30,000 spaces) and more than 2,000 on-street parking spaces. Over 100 parking attendants are deployed from 21 bases to manage car parks, collect cash, clamp and remove vehicles and maintain equipment.Innovation in technology is an important part of our services and we have successfully developed a number of new ideas that add real value. Before body worn cameras were common place we equiped our teams with Sentinal headcams and were able to reduce abuse against front line staff by 30%. We keep innovating and are now using a thrid generation of camera with is much smaller, more robust and features a secure image storage system to protect data. In Manchester we are working with partners on a combined parking bay sensor and iPhone app, helping drivers reduce seek time.

    Environment and ASB

    Our environmental and anti-social enforcement teams include on-street ambassadors and enforcement officers. They are backed up by mobile CCTV and control room experts and make a measurable difference to the communities in which they operate.

    Street patrols act as both deterrent against, and enforcement of, littering, fly posting and tipping, idling vehicles and dog fouling. Coupled with innovations such as body cameras they have secured 81% payment of fixed penalty notices. Our CCTV teams, fixed and mobile, help identify potential issues and act as the control hub for officers on the ground,or work with police on planned operations. Diligent and highly trained they have also helped find missing persons, identify wanted persons, and even undertaken surveys and audits.

    In one patrolled area we assisted more than 250 arrests, recovered more than £75k of stolen items and helped achieve a 40% reduction in ASB and environmental crime.
    40% reduction in envirocrime and ASB

    Debt Recovery

    Our debt recovery experts are well trained professionals who take a pragmatic approach to collection that gives us excellent collection rates with fewer complaints and even positive feedback from debtors.Our team of over 30 bailiffs work with 12 clients and are supported by a dedicated back office team and a larger shared service centre. Using technologies such as ANPR, online customer/client portals and bespoke iPad apps the team carries out over 200 enforcement actions daily.Data security and quality is paramount and the service is individually accredited, regularly audited and mystery shopped by our Professional Standards Unit. All staff carry secure footage video badges and real-time tracking for quality monitoring and reviews.In addition to processing warrants and liability orders for councils, Transport for London and The Royal Parks we also assist local police forces and their local authorities with joint operations to take dangerous vehicles off the road. The same expertise and professionalism can be applied to other forms of debt collection such as non-domestric rates.

    Moving Traffic

    Using fixed, mobile CCTV and foot patrols we effectively enforce against traffic offences promoting safety and the correct operation of the road network.

    Using the latest technology such as wireless automatic banned turn detection cameras in combination with our expert back office support teams we can plan and manage a highly accurate, effective service. By being accurate we provide the evidence to secure high payment rates and drive up compliance.

    Results are impressive. In one previously uncontrolled area 94% of all vehicles using a bus lane were doing so illegally, severely impacting bus services. During the first few months of our operation, after a month long trial, we issued 3,500 penalty charges with CCTV evidence resulting in an 80% payment rate. The enforcement improved compliance by 45% and allowed buses to operate more efficiently.

    Licensing Enforcement

    Our local and national enforcement operations combine the latest technology with the expertise of our teams to act against those without the correct licenses or permits.

    Working with the DVLA we identify and immobilise untaxed vehicles. A team of 200 operators support 44 removal vehicles and 52 patrolled ANPR vans. Typically this service identifies and takes action against 45,000 untaxed vehicles and removes 1,500 abandoned vehicles a year.

    Blue Badge Misuse
    Our enforcement teams are a real deterrent with planned, responsive and ad-hoc foot and vehicle patrols. In a programme of tackling blue badge fraud we were able to increase enforcement by 340% and secure 140 prosecutions.

    In the future we will also be able to supply operator (SIA, CSCS etc.), site (scaffold, skip and hoarding), housing (private rental property) license enforcement.

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    NSL's parking enforcement teams work on behalf of 50+ local authorities across the UK, serving 19.5m people in diverse communities. They help keep roads safe, traffic flowing and help people park in compliance with the law. They also do a lot more. From environmental enforcement, helping people with local enquiries, assisting the most vulnerable, filling in at school crossing and working with police to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. Parking enforcement is now much more of a service to the wider community - much more than just parking.