We are the UK's largest private non-emergency patient transport provider working with CCGs and their patients in 14 regions. Quality of care is critically important to us and we place great emphasis on providing patients with safe, comfortable journeys to and from hospital. Our core service is supported by expertise in business process management, enforcement, social transport, estate management and technical design consultancy.

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Patient Care

We use new ideas in logistics and fleet - and expertise in transport operations to provide the savings now required across the NHS.

We understand the need for efficient and effective services in austere times. We also understand that this must be achieved while still providing the high quality of care patients deserve.

We have helped many CCGs combine multi-supplier patient transport services into one, TUPEing large numbers of staff and simplifying management. This has allowed us to provide consistent quality of service and cost savings for the NHS.

Patient transport includes services for non-emergency, high dependency, bariatric and secure/mental health patients. Combined with our business process management expertise, fleet and training service we are also looking to expand into bluelight services and specialist clinical transport.


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Street & Estate Management

Our combined ambassadors, point of entry personnel and CCTV controllers create safe, regulated environments to protect and welcome patients, your staff and visitors.

We understand that hospitals and care centres should be safe and welcoming environments that promote well-being. We are experts in planning and operating estate management plans that combine the latest technology and service ambassadors.

We can help you manage car parks, open areas, equipment, control access and monitor safety. Our teams are your ambassadors, providing support to patients, visitors and other members of the care community.




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Business Process Management

We are experts in crafting bespoke business processing packages to meet the needs of the health service while ensuring patient confidentiality and cost effectiveness. Our size allows us to flexibly deploy our expertise and ideas to best suit the changing needs of the NHS, flexing resources to meet demand.

We understand the need for confidential back office support within the NHS and already work with CCGs across the UK taking calls, processing bookings, applying Department of Health or the CCG's eligibility criteria and supporting the logistics of our patient care operations.

NSL offers a full range of data secure business process management support services. This includes regulated processes (fines, payments, appeals, eligibility checking and licenses), operational support (call and correspondence handling and fleet logistics) and staff management (training, placements and identity checking).

By combining our expertise we can also provide non-clinical/clinical call handling and telecare.


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Technical Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy provides hospitals with the skills to create more effective layouts and make space for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy.

We understand that hospital estates are often complex spaces that have developed organically and space is at a premium.

Our creative design ideas combined with technical expertise can help reinvent many of these areas, creating more efficient use of space and providing more pleasant environments for patients and staff.

Our technical design consultancy, Project Centre, are experts in community engagement, cycling, walking, traffic and parking. We are also skilled in development planning, engineering, transport planning and have won numerous awards for our landscape and public ream designs.



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Our enforcement teams are well trained, knowledgeable and committed to helping you achieve greater compliance with the rules needed to maintain a working hospital site.

We understand that parking, traffic and licensing enforcement is often a contentious issue for hospitals, but necessary. Compliance to site rules ensures that critical areas are clear for emergency vehicles and parking is protected for patients and their visitors.

We provide sensitive but effective enforcement at hospitals and medical centres, an important part of maintaining access and safety. Combining our enforcement expertise with that of our consultancy, estate management and back office teams allows us to deliver more benefits through a joined up service. We offer all forms of enforcement including: parking, environmental, licensing and moving traffic.


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Identity Authentication

Our specialist team has exclusive access to world leading technology and the expertise to successfully detect identity fraud, reducing your risk by providing robust vetting and audit evidence.

Working with both government and the private sector we understand the issues faced by employers recruiting staff, where fraud often goes undetected. In health the implications of unqualified staff providing care can be serious. Where bank/agency staff are used the NHS is reliant on agencies undertaking the comprehensive checks needed to confirm identity, right to work and provide specialist care.

We ensure you don't employ someone not eligible to work in the UK or those using forged documents. We can do this directly for your staff and carry out random checks on agency staff to ensure the quality of care is never compromised.

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