Positive outcomes demonstrate value of public space surveillance for inner city communities

NSL’s Public Space Surveillance team working for The London Borough of Hackney Civil Protection Service has highlighted the benefits of effective and compliant surveillance for safeguarding the interests and wellbeing of local communities. In just a single month, the team identified and prosecuted six persistent fly-tippers and located a vulnerable missing 14 year old girl, a prolific drug dealer and a distressed and vulnerable man in response to specific appeals from the local police. In total, the team dealt with nearly 1,200 incidents from reports of stabbings to road traffic accidents and made a significant contribution to no fewer than 49 arrests.

According to Neil Hutchings, NSL’s Local Government Account Director, effective surveillance is invaluable within inner city communities. “Keeping a watchful eye on public spaces using CCTV helps to minimise the scope for illegal activities that can so easily blight a neighbourhood, and helps to ensure criminals are brought to justice. It also provides a very effective tool for locating any individual who may be a cause for concern – either for their own wellbeing or for the risks they pose a community. The positive outcomes delivered by our dedicated Public Surveillance operation have been extremely well received – not just by residents, community groups and the local police, but also local businesses and local healthcare operations as well as the Council itself.”

Mr Hutchings is quick to point out that the company’s Public Space Surveillance operation complies with all best practice guidelines for the use of CCTV.

“The London Borough of Hackney’s Civil Protection Service – of which we are part – has just been presented with the Certificate of Compliance by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner. This followed a detailed audit that confirmed compliance with all 12 principles of the Code of Practice and regulations contained within the 2012 Freedoms Act.”

NSL’s Public Space Surveillance Team comprises 9 officers and 4 team leaders based at LB Hackney’s Civil Protection Service operating centre in Stoke Newington. From the outset, it has worked closely with the Council’s Civil Protection Service, the Metropolitan Police and police forces across the UK as well other community groups and residents’ associations. NSL works with over 150 clients in the UK’s local and central government and private sectors to: manage service demand; generate revenue and funding; boost local economies and create employment and opportunity.


For further information, please contact Luke Allen, Director of Communications, 07468 701361, or Luke.Allen@nsl.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

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