Port Police Net Illegal Immigrants – New Approach Could Set New National Standard

A trial aimed at reducing illegal immigration has detected more than six times the number of illegal immigrants than the same time last year.

The three-month trial of the ‘IDAuthentiScan’ system, which is the world’s most comprehensive ID-scanning database, was carried out by NSL’s Validation Solutions at the Port of Stranraer, which connects Scotland and Northern Ireland. Ten police officers were trained to use the system. Several of those caught with fraudulent documents are currently held on remand; three have already been sentenced to time in prison – from four to six months.

NSL also specialise in providing civil enforcement services to UK local authorities, and of regulated transport services to the NHS and airports.

IN FOCUS: NSL Validation Solutions: IDAuthentiScan trial In 2011, 1.8 million passengers were carried on ferry services between Scotland and Northern Ireland, the busiest Scottish port for this traffic being Stranraer, which accounted for 52% of the total. Loch Ryan Port in Cairnryan sees 1.2 million passengers each year and carries 240,000 cars and 160,000 HGVs.

The problem: Illegal immigration makes the headlines on an almost daily basis. This is worsened when coupled with public sector cuts and needing to do more with less.

The trial: It was agreed that the IDAuthentiScan trial would run from 1 January 2013 to 15 March 2013. Ten police officers were trained on how to use the IDAuthentiScan system. Throughout the trial 319 documents were scanned, which included passport, driving licenses, national ID cards, and Visas. The period of the trial saw 183,000 passengers, 42,000 cars and 40,000 freight units travel through the Port.

Results: The trial served to significantly tighten up the police passport and documentation checks at the Port of Stranraer.

Of the 319 documents that were scanned, 19 failed. This compares with just 3 false documents encountered for the same three month period in 2012.

Status of some of the failed document holders:

• The holder of Greek ID card and immigration/ID documentation and who attempted to pervert the course of justice was arrested and is currently held in remand. • The holder of a Bolivian diplomatic passport was arrested and is currently remanded in custody. • The holder of a Belgium ID card was arrested and sentenced to six months imprisonment. • The holder of a Greek passport/ID documents and who attempted to pervert the course of justice was arrested and sentenced to four

months imprisonment. • The holder of a Portuguese passport was arrested and sentenced to four months imprisonment.

About NSL Validation Solutions:

Offered by the Central Government Services arm of the NSL Group, Validation Solutions provides the most comprehensive identity scanning solutions in the UK. The Validation Solutions service is headed up by former Scotland Yard police officer, Ken Hanslip.

About Keesing IDAuthentiScan:

Keesing IDAuthentiScan is the world’s most comprehensive identity document reference database, and is owned by Keesing Reference Systems, who are partnered with the International Criminal Police Oganisation (Interpol) for fraud detection processes. The system offers professional identity document authentication functionality in seconds; scanning, inspection, authentication and archival of domestic and international identity documents in seconds. Ends

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Notes to Editors:

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