Parking Warden in Reading Helps High Ledge Toddler to Safety

A Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) working on behalf of Reading Borough Council helped a toddler to safety when he was spied on a high ledge fifteen feet above street level on Reading’s Oxford Road.

The incident occurred on Saturday 9 August when CEO Craig Weston, who is employed by NSL, was working his beat on Oxford Road, when a member of the public on the opposite side of the road alerted him to the toddler, positioned precariously on a ledge above the Christian Community Action Shop at 369 Oxford Road.

Craig immediately called the police and then called up to the child, staying firmly beneath the ledge in case the child fell and needed to be caught, and talked to him whilst the member of the public climbed up a drainpipe in order to try and bring the child back down to safety.

The child’s father arrived at the scene, followed by a plain clothed police officer. Having reached the ledge the member of the public grabbed the child but then had no way of getting back down. In a fortuitous twist, the CEO spied a passing scaffolding truck, flagged it down and borrowed a ladder, which was then put in place so that the member of the public could bring the child back down to safety. A PCSO arrived to take the full details of the incident.

Craig said: “You do get to see all sorts when you’re out on the street, but this was a first – and, I hope, the last. I’m just glad a few of us were in the right place at the right time and were able to see the child to safety.”

Councillor Tony Page, Reading Borough Council’s Lead Member for Transport, said: “I’d like to congratulate Craig on his quick thinking. The Council’s team of traffic wardens do not always receive the best publicity, but in this instance his actions helped to bring this toddler down from the roof safely.”



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