NSL’s Project Centre team helping Haringey to deliver better Highway Asset Management

Project Centre, part of NSL Ltd, is delivering a new asset management strategy for the London Borough of Haringey. Working closely with the Haringey team, they have developed a new prioritisation process and delivery policy based on the principles of preventative maintenance, which will maximise the benefits of timely investment.

The strategy has been aligned with the Borough’s urban design guide and their risk based approach to reactive highway maintenance. Project Centre have analysed performance data and compared this to investment levels to show how investment impacts on asset condition. All of the work has been set out in a concise strategy statement that can be clearly communicated to politicians and Borough residents

It addresses three key questions:

  • What is the extent and value of the highway asset?
  • What condition is the asset?
  • What condition does the Borough wish the highway asset to be maintained to?

The strategy defines a path by which the Council’s aspirations could be met, caveated by an understanding of the link between investment and condition, i.e. what can be achieved within budget constraints and what can be gained from the available investment? Project Centre are pleased to be working with Haringey on this and many other important transportation projects.