NSL Kent Care Services – response to report issued by the Care Quality Commission

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) audit of NSL Care Services operations in Kent in November 2013 reported that four out of five areas did not meet the mandatory standards that apply to all healthcare providers.

NSL Care Services has worked on these areas with the urgency they warrant. Its management has also benefited from the dedicated focus of our Chief Ambulance Officer and our Clinical Governance Manager, who are overseeing compliance and patient safety. The statutory vetting process has now been completed for all NSL employees in Kent, with the exception of those colleagues on long-term sick. The patient query and complaints service has been centralised into NSL’s main contact centre in Shrewsbury, which has tightened up the process, and shortened the time in which all comments and complaints are responded to, learnt from, and acted upon.

Wayne Spedding, Chief Ambulance Officer for NSL Care Services, said: “We are extremely sorry that we fell short on meeting these essential standards set by the CQC.  We recognise and acknowledge that this is a serious compliance failure on our part and that our learning from this failure is vital. We have been open in fully acknowledging the difficulties encountered, which has led to some patients being collected late, or not at all – and are pleased to say that this has improved. We would like to assure our patients and colleagues that we are continuing to address these issues, and we are confident of meeting all the standards in the shortest possible time.”