NSL employees of the year: Mugging hero and Olympic Route Star

NSL is delighted to announce that Sandra Cove and Yasar Mohamad have been selected as its Employees of the Year. They shall each receive £1,000, which will be presented by NSL Chief Executive, Mark Underwood.

Civil enforcement officer Sandra, who works on behalf of Westminster City Council, was part of the successful Olympic Route Network (ORN) team, which controlled parking restrictions so effectively on the route. Often working additional hours to cover staff at short notice, Sandra was commended for her performance by both colleagues and management. Whilst working one evening on the ORN route, she found a child who was lost and alone, comforted her and kept her calm before finding the child’s very concerned Mother to reunite them.

Sandra takes her role seriously and makes sure she understands every aspect of it, so much so, that she is often consulted on best practice methods in on-street situations.

Civil Enforcement Officer Yasar Mohammed, who works on behalf of Islington Council, was praised recently for intervening in a mugging he witnessed while patrolling Church Path in Islington, London. Returning to base for lunch a young male riding a BMX snatched a mobile phone from an unsuspecting passer-by. The thief then cycled towards Yasar as he made his escape. Yasar instinctively stepped in front of the bike and challenged the rider, demanding he give the mobile back to its rightful owner. Startled by Yasar’s challenge, the bike rider dismounted and threw the BMX at him in a bid to escape, injuring him in the process. Yasar then waited with the distressed mugging victim until the police arrived. It was only after the incident that Yasar realised the extent of his injury, a deep gash to his leg, that his manager instructed him to go straight to hospital for treatment. Islington Council has also acknowledged Yasar’s courage and he is to be awarded a Mayor’s Civic Award at a ceremony in March.

Mark Underwood, Chief Executive, said: “Sandra and Yasar are both sterling examples

of going the extra mile and of providing frequent help and reassurance to both the public and their colleagues. NSL is a people business, and we are keenly aware that we are only ever as good as our people; Sandra and Yasar remind us that we are fortunate to have the very best.”


For further information, please contact Luke Allen, Director of Communications, 07468 701361, or Luke.Allen@nsl.co.uk


Notes to Editors:

NSL is a leading UK company specialising in the delivery and management of frontline services in complex public sector and regulated environments. Our core services include business process management; enforcement; passenger and social transport; street management and technical design services. We currently have over 70 contracts with local, regional and central government, as well as with the airport and the private sector, and have delivered contracts for high-profile government agencies, such as The Royal Parks, DVLA, Transport for London and Transport Northern Ireland.