NSL Director to Chair new group helping to shape the future of parking

NSL’s position as an innovative and ground breaking company has recently been recognised with Teresa Farndon, NSL Executive Director of IT and Risk, elected to chair a new group set up by the British Parking Association’s (BPA).

The Future of Parking and Intelligent Mobility group is tasked with exploring the emergence and impact of new technology across the parking profession. For the next three years Teresa will chair the group, which will provide a forum for a broad cross-section of members and interested parties, examining key issues surrounding the future of technology and how parking can be better served by such innovation in the future.

“Parking is not just about enforcement, tickets, and yellow lines. These are exciting times and we are at the centre of whole new debates on smart cities, intelligent transport and major policy issues for decision makers and policy thinkers. New technology in our profession can be linked to self-driving vehicles, mobile payment and in-vehicle guidance systems. I can’t wait to start!”

The group will inform members about trends and changes in new and emerging technology and innovations, advise on current government intentions with regard to the use of technology and provide and deliver a platform for members and other stakeholders who are experimenting with new approaches in technology to share their experience openly and widely.

“I am really pleased to be chosen to help steer this group and believe that this represents a great opportunity to explore how future technologies can deliver and even better service for consumers in the future,” Teresa added.

The BPA’s Future of Parking and Intelligent Mobility Group is expected to hold its first meeting with Teresa as Chair in early 2016.


For further information, please contact Luke Allen, Director of Communications, Luke.Allen@nsl.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

NSL is a leading UK company specializing in the delivery and management of frontline services in complex public sector and regulated environments. Our core services include business process management; enforcement; passenger and social transport; street management and technical design services. NSL currently has over 70 contracts with local, regional and central government, as well as with the airport and the private sector, and have delivered contracts for high-profile government agencies, such as The Royal Parks, DVLA, Transport for London and Transport Northern Ireland.