Manchester set to go live with six month NSL-funded parking sensor trial

Manchester set to go live with six month NSL-funded parking sensor trialNSL and Manchester City Council are set to officially launch the UK’s first major trial of parking bay sensor technology, with motorists being able to use the technology from Monday 16 September. The system is unique in that it offers a fully integrated system that can be used by motorists, businesses, and the local authority. The local authority can then customise a range of deep-data analytics, which can then determine the most efficient use of resources.Already used in major US cities where it was welcomed by US small business groups, the award-winning technology comprises electronic sensors, which have been placed in over 230 parking bays in the Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter and Chinatown areas.By downloading the free ‘Parker’ app onto their iPhones and Android devices, motorists are able to see which parking bays are available. Also acting as a sat-nav, it can direct motorists to the nearest available bay using driver-safe voice-commands.

During the trial an element will be introduced whereby businesses will be able to link in with the system. This means that customers visiting businesses websites can see which bays are available, whilst giving parking bosses detailed information about what bays are being used when, and for how long.

With an estimated 30% of motorists driving around in search of a parking space at any one time, the new technology will not only reduce time and stress, but the associated carbon emissions.
The Parker app was named 2013 Best Mobile Innovation for ‘Smart Cities’, at the 2013 Global Mobile Awards.

NSL’s Local Government Director, Mark Hoskin, said: “We have every faith that Manchester will embrace this amazing technology. It’s a very clued-up city, and therefore the most obvious in which to set up this trial. We know that many other local authorities will be keeping a close eye on how it’s received. Of course, the technology also ties in with Manchester’s MasterPlan to create a smarter city, and that means ensuring that we’re helping motorists park safely and in the most efficient way possible, cutting down on congestion and carbon emissions. It’s good news for Manchester’s motorists, residents and businesses.”

NSL is the most experienced parking services provider in the UK, working in partnership with sixty local authorities. Once the trial has been evaluated, NSL could roll-out the technology throughout the country, ensuring that motorists need only use one application to check spaces

throughout the country.


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