London borough successfully targets persistent evaders

In a concerted drive to ensure safe and fair parking for the local community, and to recover payments owed to the Council, NSL has been supporting The London Borough of Tower Hamlets in a major crack down on drivers who persistently disregard parking regulations and evade Penalty Charge Notices in one of the most densely populated boroughs in the capital.

Following the success of the pilot exercise in recovering debts and addressing irresponsible behaviour, the approach has now been adopted as a routine feature of The Council’s enforcement programme. NSL’s Removal Units joined forces with the Council who compiled a comprehensive list of persistent evaders so that appropriate action could be taken against the offenders. The list included all vehicles with three or more outstanding Penalty Charge Notices or where it hadn’t been possible to obtain DVLA details and more than 42 days had passed since an original contravention.

The Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers in the borough were notified of the vehicles to look out for during their patrols in the borough’s controlled parking zones in Bethnal Green, Bow, Poplar, Stepney, Wapping and the Isle of Dogs. If any vehicle on the list was identified during the routine patrols, an immediate instruction was relayed to the back office team so that arrangements could be made for the vehicle to be removed to a local pound by NSL.

“Selfish drivers who ignore parking restrictions and any efforts to encourage compliance are a menace for other law-abiding drivers and road users,” says Pamela Slater, NSL’s Client Account Manager. “Not only are they compromising safe and fair access to parking spaces for everyone else, they have no intention of paying the financial penalties that are owed to the Council as a result of their behaviour. The demand for parking in an area that has very busy arterial routes and is so close to central London is relentless so it’s vital that everyone respects the regulations that are in place for the benefit of local residents and local businesses as well as all visitors to the borough.  We’re delighted with the success and impact of this initiative.  It’s also clear that such a coordinated and targeted approach is discouraging evaders from continuing with their irresponsible and selfish behaviour when parking their cars.”

The initial pilot exercise to crack down on persistent evaders was introduced by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in December 2015. Reviewing the results after the first month and the success in recovering debts that would otherwise have been difficult or impossible to secure, there was clear justification to adopt the programme on an ongoing basis.

NSL has worked in partnership with The London Borough of Tower Hamlets for the past six years, providing Removal of Nuisance Vehicle Solutions as well as Parking Enforcement Solutions for Tower Hamlets Homes.


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