Largest ever survey of the nation’s traffic wardens: It’s not just the ticket

The UK’s largest ever survey of traffic wardens – or Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs), to give them their correct title – reveal that they do much more than issue parking tickets.

Ninety-five percent said that they frequently answered non-parking related questions, of which forty-two percent said that members of the public stopped them at least a few times each day to ask non-parking related questions; a further twenty-eight percent said that they answered non-parking related questions more than five times every day; and another twenty-five percent said they were questioned about once a day, leaving just five percent saying that they were never asked non-parking related questions.

More than half of those surveyed (53%) said that they witness activities such as fly-tipping, road or path damage, dog-fouling, and litter spots – from once a day to a few times each day. An additional twenty-six percent said they witnessed these activities at least once a week.

More than half (55%) also said that they felt their presence on-street was predominantly a welcome one, with some members of the public reassured by their uniformed presence.

More than 1,600 CEOs completed the anonymous survey, which was conducted by NSL, the UK’s biggest employer of CEOs. The organisation provides services to local and central government, and the NHS, and employs more than 4,500 people.

Despite there being five million more people living in the UK than twenty years ago, and this having an impact on the UK transport system, which supports 61 billion journeys a year, the number of motorists parking in compliance of local authority regulations has increased, resulting in fewer parking tickets issued.

Mark Hoskin, Director of NSL’s Local Government sector, said: “The responses really demonstrate the unique observational and ambassadorial nature of CEOs. They don’t just play a vital role in ensuring vehicle congestion is minimised and that local authorities parking rules are complied with, but interact with the general public in a much more diverse way; one that could more accurately be seen as ‘street wardens’. Too often they are seen in a negative light, with many people not realising the roles they also informally undertake on a daily basis.”


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Notes to Editors:

NSL is a leading UK company specialising in the delivery and management of frontline services in complex public sector and regulated environments. Our core services include business process management; enforcement; passenger and social transport; street management and technical design services. We currently have over 70 contracts with local, regional and central government, as well as with the airport and the private sector, and have delivered contracts for high-profile government agencies, such as The Royal Parks, DVLA, Transport for London and Transport Northern Ireland.