French Passports Fraud Alert!


The Metropolitan Police, Amberhill Team has warned that caution needs to be taken when inspecting a French passport. Over the recent months the police have noticed a high increase in fraudulent French passports, being provided as a proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United Kingdom. 

When inspecting a document, it is important to check specific security features:

  • Watermarks (visible on any page when held up to the light);
  • All pages are of the same size and tight together;
  • Clear embossed gold blocking on the cover of the document;
  • Holograms are clear and visible;
  • Integrated photograph;
  • Ensure that you check the document under an Ultra Violet light, as all French passports currently have the page number in Ultra-Violet ink, on the biometric data page. As well as other Ultra Violet fibres, they should be clearly visible on the page.

Note:  Please be extra cautious when presented with a French Passport with any of the  prefix numbers below:

  • 08CV
  • 12CV
  • 10C

All Passports have a Machine Readable Zone code, which should contain 44 characters. If you are presented with a document that is a variation on the designated characters, it is likely to be a forged document.

For more information on French passports and all other Identity document, please contact the NSL Helpline on 0843 357 2282.