Flood risk prompts round the clock support from NSL’s Patient Transport teams in Lincolnshire

In response to the large number of severe weather and flood warnings along the east coast of England, NSL’s Patient Transport Services has been operational for the past 48 hours to assist emergency services and Environment Agency teams operating in vulnerable coastal areas in Lincolnshire. Working in partnership with other emergency services, the team ensured ambulance transport was available to assist with the evacuation of vulnerable residents from their homes, while also fulfilling routine day-time transport services for patients’ right across the county.

At one stage, 175 flood warnings were in place along the east coast, including 13 severe warnings where lives could be at danger. The warnings were prompted by the serious risk of sea defences being breached by violent waves caused by high winds and tidal surges moving down the Lincolnshire coast at high tide. Although storm surges are notoriously difficult to predict, around 4,000 homeowners along the county’s coast were advised to prepare for possible relocation.

“Flooding of homes always causes a great deal of distress, but it poses particular problems for the elderly, families with young children and anyone who relies on power for medical equipment,” says NSL’s Phil Elias, Client Account Manager for the Care team. 

“It truly has been a tremendous collective effort to ensure that all eventualities have been covered, and every member of the NSL Care team has been delighted to assist in every way they can. At very short notice we were able to mobilise 3 bariatric ambulance crews and a stretcher crew at our base in Louth to ensure expertise and vehicles were available at all times to support the emergency services. It has been quite a juggling act given our daytime commitments for transporting patients to and from hospital appointments, but such efforts are vital to minimise the risk of anyone coming to harm in such exceptional weather conditions.”


For further information, please contact Luke Allen, Director of Communications, 07468 701361, or Luke.Allen@nsl.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

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