Public Safety

Our street patrols and CCTV teams help give communities peace of mind.

Crime and the fear of crime adversely affects our mood and stifles the footfall that is the lifeblood of every high street.

In many communities we are regarded as a key part of the public safety network and have received commendations for our role in both reactive and planned operations. Mobile foot and vehicle patrols operate in tandem with SIA-accredited CCTV experts for optimum coverage. Working closely with police, local businesses, transport operators and council officers we help residents feel safer and provide the vital evidence needed to secure convictions.

CCTV monitoring includes illegal and anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping, shoplifting and gang activity.

During the London riots of 2012 our CCTV experts were able to identify individual rioters and helped police apprehend the criminals responsible for such widespread damage. Of even greater value to some clients is the work we do in preventative programmes such as trouble spot monitoring, police operations, cash in transit and identification of vulnerable people. Our teams expertise is regularly used to identify missing persons and return them to safety.