Parking Management

We are the UK’s parking experts and offer the most complete end-to-end parking enforcement service available. Well trained frontline colleagues, parking professionals and the latest technology enable us to shape the entire parking environment, balancing the needs of all users and maximising compliance. Over 4,000 colleagues from 250+ bases work with over 60 councils across the country including Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Birmingham, Somerset and many boroughs within London. In Westminster, one of London's busiest boroughs, we provide a 24-hour parking service across 22 zones and 35,000 parking spaces. In Northern Ireland we provide enforcement across the entire province including 367 off-street car parks (over 30,000 spaces) and more than 2,000 on-street parking spaces. Over 100 parking attendants are deployed from 21 bases to manage car parks, collect cash, clamp and remove vehicles and maintain equipment. Innovation in technology is an important part of our services and we have successfully developed a number of new ideas that add real value. Before body worn cameras were common place we equiped our teams with Sentinal headcams and were able to reduce abuse against front line staff by 30%. We keep innovating and are now using a thrid generation of camera with is much smaller, more robust and features a secure image storage system to protect data. In Manchester we are working with partners on a combined parking bay sensor and iPhone app, helping drivers reduce seek time.