Fine & Notice Processing

Providing stand alone or more efficient integrated fine and notice processing our knowledgeable staff work in strictly controlled data environments to deliver effective back office support.

Complex environments need regulation to ensure that they operate effectively. Enforcement is then needed to promote compliance by issuing deterrents or penalties to those who choose not to comply. Processing these notices and fines effectively is an essential part of encouraging the compliance that helps our streets work.

We have developed our fine/notice processing expertise over a decade, working with authorities of all sizes to develop bespoke systems that integrate with existing systems. We are now leading the way in multi-channel operations that provide sleeker, streamlined processing. Our systems are secure, robust and cost efficient. Staff are well trained and we monitor performance closely to ensure the highest levels of customer experience.

We process over two million fines and notices each year for clients across the UK including councils across London, Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and the Transport for London Congestion Charge.

In Oldham we worked with the council to build a completely new integrated service which enabled 24/7 processing, reduced turnaround of documentation from 17 days to 2 days and produced an overall efficiency of 31%.
2m fines processed annually