We provide the front line teams that act as community ambassadors and the CCTV expertise to support our teams, the council and police.

There is a proven link between anti-social behaviour and poor environments and for many this means a lack of safe space for a community to meet and mingle.

Our expertise falls into two main areas: street patrols and CCTV. Street patrols act as both deterrent and enforcement issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for littering, fly posting and tipping, idling vehicles and dog fouling. Coupled with innovations such as body cams we have secured 81% payment of FPNs. Our CCTV teams, fixed and mobile, help identify potential issues and act as the control hub for officers on the ground or work with police on planned operations. Diligent and highly trained they have also helped find missing children, identify wanted persons and even undertaken surveys and audits.In one patrolled area we assisted more than 250 arrests, recovered more than £75k of stolen items and helped achieve a 40% reduction in ASB and enviro-crime.