Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery experts are well trained professionals who take a pragmatic approach to collection that gives us excellent collection rates with fewer complaints and even positive feedback from debtors.Our team of over 30 bailiffs work with 12 clients and are supported by a dedicated back office team and a larger shared service centre. Using technologies such as ANPR, online customer/client portals and bespoke iPad apps the team carries out over 200 enforcement actions daily.Data security and quality is paramount and the service is individually accredited, regularly audited and mystery shopped by our Professional Standards Unit. All staff carry secure footage video badges and real-time tracking for quality monitoring and reviews.In addition to processing warrants and liability orders for councils, Transport for London and The Royal Parks we also assist local police forces and their local authorities with joint operations to take dangerous vehicles off the road. The same expertise and professionalism can be applied to other forms of debt collection such as non-domestric rates.