Enhancing the frontline – Local Government Chronicle launch NSL sponsored channel

The Local Government Chronicle (LGC) has launched an NSL sponsored channel on their popular website – LGC Plus. An influential voice in the public sector, LGC has been a source of local government knowledge for many years in the sector. NSL welcomes the partnership and looks forward to sharing its content with the wider LGC audience.

The channel – titled ‘Enhancing the frontline’ – showcases the latest thought leadership and news pieces published by NSL’s experts. Leading discussion and generating ideas for those in the public sector, the content published touches on some of the key issues of today. Tackling issues such as revenue generation and the roles of frontline services – NSL is helping councils to think differently about the service they can offer.

Articles featured include:

  • ‘Self-serve or frontline: is it time to choose?’
  • ‘Is the lack of council tax education creating debt?’
  • ‘Apprenticeships are a worthy cause – but at what cost to local government?’

The new channel is accessible to all users for a limited period, with new content being published frequently, and can be accessed here: https://www.lgcplus.com/services/enhancing-the-frontline