Coca-Cola Zero Belfast Bikes – Thursday and Friday peak days for Belfast Bikes as it marks its first week

The busiest days for cyclists to get on their hired bikes in Belfast is Thursday and Friday, according to the first week’s usage figures released by the Coca-Cola Zero Belfast Bike scheme today. Thursday saw a record 745 hires, followed by Friday’s 744. Thursday’s record figure beat Tuesday’s day two high of 515 hires by 230.

The weekend’s wet weather and sporadic flooding resulted in a dip in the number of users at the weekend as expected; however rentals surged again on Bank Holiday Monday, the day of the Belfast City Marathon in which 17,500 runners also took to the city’s streets. 

The Marathon also saw cyclists take to social media to proclaim their presence on a Belfast Bike, which helped them to cycle alongside some of the running action. Several marathon runners were also seen using a Belfast Bike to cycle to the start line.  One twitter user even laboured the point by tweeting: ‘I was cycling TO my marathon start, NOT from it… honest!’

 A spokesperson for Belfast City Council, said: “You would expect a dip in cyclists taking to the road in the rain, but as one of our users tweeted: it’s better to cycle in the rain for three minutes than to walk in the rain for ten. Or it may have simply been a case of avoiding a soggy bottom – either way, come the extra day’s holiday, those on Belfast Bikes who showed their support to the Marathon runners certainly helped show how healthy Belfast is.”


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